Benbulben Farm Christmas Turkeys

Free-Range White Turkeys…

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Irish Free-Range Benbulben Farm Turkeys

Benbulben Farm produces and supplies the finest homegrown, hand-reared and free-range Christmas turkeys in the north-west of Ireland.

Our Irish free-range turkeys live in large airy barns that open onto Benbulben’s sloping fields, every day our white and bronze turkeys are free to roam their surroundings while pecking at grass and hay bales in the fresh air.

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a traditional turkey dinner, so why not treat your family and friends to one of our superb Benbulben Farm free-range turkeys?

Irish Free-Range Benbulben Farm Eggs

Benbulben Farm supplies free-range eggs to retail and wholesale customers in the north-west.

At Benbulben Farm we sell 100% Irish free-range eggs. Our hens are healthy, happy and free to roam the sloping fields of Benbulben mountain.

Delivered straight from our family farm our free-range eggs are nutritious and delicious with gorgeous yellow yokes.

Benbulben Farm free-range eggs make a tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack and they’re also excellent for baking.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much for the superb free-range turkey that you supplied to me for Christmas. My family & friends thought it was delicious and I couldn’t recommend you highly enough…

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for another great tasting turkey this year. Benbulben Farm is definitely the best supplier of free-range turkeys in the North West…